2021 Mare Nostrum Barcelona – Recap of the preliminaries of Day 2



  • June 5-6, 2021
  • Pere Serrat swimming pool, Barcelona, ​​Spain
  • Long course meters (50 meters)
  • Results

The Mare Nostrum 2021 tour ends today with the last session in Barcelona. Last night saw Arno Kamminga, Kristof Milak, and Hugo gonzález all setting competition records.

After breaking the competition record in the 200 breaststroke last night, Kamminga continued his momentum in the 100 breaststroke. His time of 58.47 is lower than his April best of 57.90, but more than three seconds faster than the next best qualifier. Adam peatyThe competition record of 58.15 could be dangerous tonight.

Milak and Gonzalez both swam the 100 freestyle this morning and qualified in the first wave. Milak is second after the morning in 49.26 and Gonzalez is seventh in 49.91. Cristian Quintero 49.05 leads all swimmers. Bruno Fratus, winner of the 50 freestyle last night, slipped into the first heat, qualifying eighth in 50.07.

In his final event of the morning, Gonzalez swam 2: 03.76 in the 200 IM to qualify second. Arjan Knipping was the best qualifier at 2: 01.19.

Thomas de Boer, second behind Fratus in the 50 freestyle last night, leads the field in the 50 butterfly in 23.65.

Chad le Clos was one of two swimmers under 2:00 this morning in the 200 butterfly in 1: 59.75. Right behind him is Arbidel González at 1: 59.78. Milak, the world record holder, was not entered in the event this morning.

José Paulo Lopes and Albert Writings are separated by less than half a second in the men’s 400 freestyle. Lopes is seated at 3: 56.24 with Written at 3: 56.67. Guillem Pujol was the only other swimmer to break 4:00 am this morning with his time of 3:59:24.

Kira Toussaint, who won the 50 backstroke last night, swam the only under-1 hour of the morning in the women’s 100 backstroke. His time of 59.64 and more than two seconds ahead of the second qualifier, Hanna rosvall at 1: 02.08. Toussaint is the third seed in the 50 freestyle with 25.87. Lidon Munoz was the fastest woman this morning by more than 0.50 seconds at 25:15.

Yulia Efimova won the 100 breaststroke last night and claim to win the breaststroke races. Efimova is first in the 50 breaststroke in 31.33 and second in the 200 breaststroke in 2: 27.09. Fanny Lecluyse is just ahead of Efimova in the 2oo at 2: 26.92.

Katinka Hosszu, who has had a busy schedule throughout the Mare Nostrum, only swam one event this morning. Her time of 2: 02.06 in the 200 freestyle was enough to qualify her third start tonight. Hosszu is behind Barbora seemanova at 2: 00.49 and Evelyne Verraszto at 2: 01.50.



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