5 new places to discover in Europe, from the Humboldt Forum in Berlin to the Gainsbourg Museum in Paris



The coronavirus pandemic may have slowed Europe down, but it hasn’t stopped it from staying news.

During my travels on the continent in recent months, I have found that many new attractions have opened their doors.

Paris, Barcelona and other beloved cities are full of museums, parks, sporting experiences and much more. Since the last time you were there, Europe has changed in inspiring ways.

1. Berlin

Humboldt Forum: a must-see cultural destination

Germany is known around the world for its efficiency, precision and ingenuity. This is why it is not surprising that during the pandemic, the Germans managed to complete the construction of one of the most impressive cultural complexes in Europe.

My most lasting memory of Berlin is running out of time to see the countless artifacts and works of art on Museum Island. And now we’ll have to allow even more time, as the plot of land has been beautified by the new Humboldt Forum, which cost $ 1 billion to build over nearly two decades.

In July last year, Berlin’s newest museum complex opened in the former royal palace. With exhibits on science, art and history, the Humboldt Forum aims to be on a par with the Louvre in Paris and the British Museum.

The Berlin exhibition, for example, presents the development of the German capital and its influence on Europe.

At the Humboldt Lab, visitors can learn about cutting-edge research on issues such as climate change being conducted by Humboldt University.

The Humboldt Forum also features over 20,000 works of art from Asia, Africa, the Americas and the Pacific. On top of that, this edifice is visually striking, with the classical Baroque architecture of the palace complemented by modern extensions.



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