A famous Youtuber recommends a trip to the League of Ireland pitch above the Camp Nou


You heard it here first – Cork City FC are better than FC Barcelona.

That’s according to renowned YouTuber Smiv, who travels around Europe making videos and judging the overall experience on the football pitch.

The YouTuber – who has an impressive 126,000 subscribers – judges the clubs he visits on several different bases, including facilities, matchday food, ticket prices and atmosphere.

His last trip turned out to be Cork City FC and he’s sure he enjoyed the visit.

Smiv was on hand to watch The Rebel Army march to a convincing 4-1 win over Athlone Town on the night.

So far, he has visited clubs like Fulham, Coventry, Watford and Barcelona, ​​but Turner’s Cross has ranked quite high in his rankings.

City and Turner’s Cross finished second in the standings, just half a point behind London club Fulham.

The cost of the ticket was an attractive part of his visit, as the price would be low compared to English and European clubs, but the atmosphere was a very strong point of Smiv’s visit.

‘City’ fans are famous for gathering in huge numbers and supporting their team, so it was no surprise to hear the YouTuber enjoy the songs of ‘the shed’.

He rated the atmosphere at the ‘Cross at 4.5/5, matching the rating he gave during his trip to the magnificent Camp Nou.

He even went to Corner Flag for a pint of the best Beamish in Cork.

You can watch Smiv’s vlog of his trip to Leeside below:

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