About the 2022/2023 La Liga season


After the arrival of the pandemic and the consequent confinement intended to reduce the risk of contagion, many people, looking for an activity to kill time, consulted the Betsson Spain reviews inform about the best sports betting houses. Given the commitment of Spanish fans by football, more and more users of these betting houses are those who expect the arrival of the 2022/2023 LaLiga season. In this entry will show you more information about this sporting event, and will cover some appearances of this next season.

At the origin of La Liga

LaLiga’s first season celebrated between the years 1928 and 1929, as a solution to the need of Spanish football clubs to maintain economic profitability and, at the same time, to guarantee competitiveness among themselves. Although they were already celebrating regional championships and national tournaments in which it was decided which was the best team in the whole country, the main reason for the appearance of LaLiga was the arrival of the English championships.

In said first season, a total of 10 equipment participated between which Barcelona left winner. It was from the year 1934 in which it extended the contingent of participating clubs up to twelve, although its celebration was postponed by the conflict of the Civil War. The celebration of this sporting event continued until 1984, when the cual the tournament has undergone a major restructuring. In this year, the Real Spanish Football Federation responsible for organizing it ceded its rights to the National League of Professional Football, which resulted in greater professionalization of the activity in an official form.

Between the most important changes that have made in the 84, find the implantation of the system playoffs by the title and the admission of even more teams to the event, thus arriving at a maximum of 20 different teams. Currently, this competition has become one of the most important in the world, next to the premier league.

What about the 2022/23 LaLiga season?

The start of the next LaLiga season will give rise to during the next month of august, with a resumption after the summer stoppage during which most football celebrations will be held due to the postponement of the World Cup to the winter period. Thus, in this event, Real Madrid will have to defend their title of winner in the 2021-2022 season, something quite complicated considering that both Barcelona and Athletic de Madrid are marching anxious to recover their command in League. As for the descended and ascended images, the elas places that lost the category were the Granada, the Raise and the Alavés. On the other hand, they add as his replacements the teams of Almería, Real Valladolid and Girona.

It’s all aimed that the upcoming 2022/2023 LaLiga season will have plenty of pretty intense parties that will keep the sport’s most fanatics on the edge of its seats. He reminds that, if you are thinking of betting on it to add even more emotion to him in these next partidazos, make sure you do it in trusted betting houses that offer interesting quotas and, in his time, enjoy a good reputation by part of its user community.


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