Admit the robbery at PSG! Former referee confesses all about Barcelona vs PSG from 2017

Tony Chapron during a game

Unthinkable things happen in the UEFA Champions League, simply magical that only the best football on the planet can deliver. We’ve seen how giants like Real Madrid can lose to teams like Sheriff Tiraspol (from Moldova) at the Santiago Bernabeú.

But we have also witnessed equally incredible robberies like the one against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in 2009 when semi-final refereeing clearly helped Barcelona through to the final they would win against Manchester United. This Champions League final was Cristiano Ronaldo’s last game before leaving for Real Madrid.

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But that wasn’t the only time referees helped Barcelona. Today, Tony Chapron, a former French Ligue 1 referee, gives his opinion on the fateful second game between Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain in 2017. that we are human and that we are also wrong,” he said. said in a television interview.

What did he think of the refereeing of this match?

The match was ruled by German referee Deniz Aytekin, and Tony Chapron’s verdict is very harsh. “The 5-1 penalty was not there, there is contact but Suárez helps a lot in the simulation. Here, we see that the referee was overwhelmed by the situation. It is a lack of lucidity.” he said during his interview
“If Barcelona hadn’t been ranked in the same way, the performance of the refereeing would have been forgotten, but it wasn’t like that. It’s a context that we will never see again,” he said. he concluded.


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