Ali Krieger on his message to the LGBTQ + community



Krieger has been married to USWNT goalie Ashlyn Harris since 2019. The couple announced the adoption of their daughter, Sloane, earlier this year, with Krieger telling Collins and Sakovits that she hoped she and Harris could. continue to serve as role models for LGBTQ youth who may feel anxious about going out.

“I really feel like it’s so important that we have people who are in this world who are individuals who really live their authentic lives and inspire other people to want to do the same,” Krieger said. . “And I hope that with Ash and I now with our daughter Sloane that we’ve helped save some people from thinking that they can’t have a happy ending and maybe they don’t deserve this and maybe being watching us live our authentic life that they feel they can also have great things and deserve great things because of who they are and just because of who they love and what they love .

“We really have to start uplifting each other and loving each other for who we are because we can’t live our lives any better than anyone other than being ourselves and so I feel like it is really important that the visibility continues and that the authenticity of everyone’s individual life really shines because it inspires everyone to come out as they are, to live their lives, to love and to be happy. “



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