Barca almost ‘dissolved’ amid massive € 1 billion debt



Barcelona could have been ‘dissolved’ in April if it was a public limited company (PLC) after the club accumulated more than € 1 billion in debt.

Barca general manager Ferran Reverter called ex-Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu’s methods “disastrous” after accusing the board of recruiting players the club could not afford , to offer inflated salaries and even to pay journalists.

Via Sam Marsden and Moises Llorens

“When we arrived in March, we found a club that was technically bankrupt; if it was an automaton, [the club] would have been dissolved “,

The main financial concerns came from overspending on players and salaries.

“They didn’t consider if they could pay for the players,” he added. “[Antoine] Griezmann was signed in a rush. They realized they couldn’t pay for him and ended up needing $ 85 million in credit to close the deal.

Laporta’s board is doing everything in their power to right the wrongs caused by Bartomeu and no matter how difficult, progress is being made – slowly but surely.

“We’re not there yet and we still have to cut spending, but we can sign and renew [players], “

With the departures of superstars Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann, it is well known in the football world that these financial problems have had a big effect on the Barcelona squad this season. Sad to say, the remnants of Bartomeu’s horrific time as Barcelona president continue to haunt one of the biggest clubs in the world, on and off the pitch. Camp Nou fans are waiting for the day when the club will regain its all-powerful glory.

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