Californian cannabis and hospitality brand, Humboldt Social, announces the expansion of its exclusive cannabis line in Spain


Cannabis lifestyle brand Social Nature is heading to Spannabis as part of its efforts to continue normalizing cannabis through global hospitality.

BARCELONA, Spain, February 28, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leading Cannabis and Hospitality Company Humboldt Social announced today that its exclusive line of cannabis, Social nature, will now offer CBD products throughout Barcelona. This line of specialty products, formulated with functional herbs and European legal hemp (less than 0.2% THC), will be offered in select retail stores and cannabis clubs in Barcelona, ​​all with the aim of normalizing consumption. of cannabis through education, transparency and meaningful experiences based on hospitality.

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Social Nature will now offer CBD products throughout Barcelona, ​​such as Wander Topical Oil, Ground Massage Oil, Glow Intimate Oil and Hemp Pre-Rollers. (Photo: BusinessWire)

“I was involved in the creation and expansion of Humboldt Social as it opened hotels and dispensaries and launched its own line of cannabis. The next natural step is to bring our brand to a place like Barcelona,” said Matt Deshazo, Co-Founder of Humboldt Social. “Barcelona is very much like California when cannabis legalization first started. Catalan cannabis clubs are so welcoming and forward thinking with their already established smoking and drinking areas. We are excited to partner with the local community to offer Social Nature’s product line.”

The Social Nature products included in the launch are Wander Topical Oil, Ground Massage Oil, Glow Intimate Oil and Hemp Pre-Rollers. In its vision to integrate cannabis into hospitality and wellness spaces, Humboldt Social engages cannabis clubs, CBD stores and wellness stores to create interactive experiences such as massage activations with Social Nature products in the cannabis landscape.

Humboldt Social worked closely with consultants Josh Munk and Marcel Basilico on this launch. Munk and Basilico helped launch international cannabis brand Cookies in Spain and now advise Humboldt Social. Munk said, “It has been exciting to work with Social Nature as they build on their success in the United States and expand into Spain and Europe. Humboldt Social and Social Nature are helping to normalize cannabis in the hospitality, and in general, I see this as the future of cannabis.”

“We are excited to bring the Social Nature brand to Europe and the culturally rich communities of Barcelona. We look forward to sharing and learning as we move towards normalizing cannabis in society,” said Aaron Sweat, CEO of Humboldt Social.

Social Nature Launch Party: Details

In anticipation of Social Nature’s European expansion, Humboldt Social is hosting several launch parties at local clubs during Europe’s premier annual cannabis conference, Spannabis. On March 11, 12 and 13, media, buyers and investors will have the opportunity to learn more about Social Nature and its entry into the European market. All interested parties are encouraged to contact Matt Deshazo for further information and participation details at [email protected]

About Humboldt Social

Humboldt Social is a hospitality group based in Humboldt County, California, whose mission is to normalize the ties between hospitality and cannabis. The Humboldt Social team saw the need to integrate cannabis into hospitality, which ultimately led to the conception of the Humboldt Social brand which now consists of boutique hotels, waterfront chalets , restaurants and bars linked to social clinics and the cannabis brand Social Nature. The spaces’ minimal design aesthetic showcases the history and beauty of their surroundings, with an emphasis on reclaimed materials, vintage furnishings, and plenty of natural light. All spaces are designed to be welcoming and discreet retreats from everyday life. For more information, visit and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

About social nature

Social Nature is a lifestyle cannabis brand committed to improving our experience of everyday life. Social Nature creates a variety of cannabis essentials for picking, exploring, and restoring. Social Nature believes in the extraordinary range of benefits cannabis offers to improve quality of life and meet wellness needs. For more information on the launch of Social Nature in Europe, visit Where @social_nature_eu on Instagram.

Legal disclaimer: Spanish and US ownership and operations do not have shared ownership. Social Nature in Europe licenses the brand from a separate US company.

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