Court rejects Barcelona curfew


Barcelona: A Spanish court on Monday rejected a request from the regional government of Catalonia to reimpose a virus curfew in Barcelona and dozens of other cities, arguing the measure was “disproportionate” as infections have declined.

The Catalan government on Friday sought court approval to impose a nighttime curfew in municipalities of 20,000 or more residents where infection rates exceed 125 cases per 100,000 residents over a seven-day period.

This would apply to 62 municipalities, including Barcelona and popular seaside resorts like Lloret del Mar, Salou and Cambrils. The demand came a day after Catalonia’s highest court refused to extend a nighttime curfew imposed in mid-July in most municipalities in the northeast region which is home to some 7.8 million people. .

The High Court of Justice of Catalonia had given the green light to extend the curfew on three occasions, but it argued that the measure was now justified in only 19 municipalities.

On Monday, he ruled that the new demand for a curfew which would apply only to the largest cities in Catalonia “was even more unnecessary and disproportionate”. “The control of social interactions is not a measure that should be authorized by the courts”, argued the High Court of Justice of Catalonia. Health is the responsibility of regional governments in Spain, but measures affecting freedoms, such as freedom of movement, must be authorized by the courts.


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