Croatia Airlines Barcelona-Zagreb returns next summer, Pristina-Zagreb reduced in winter



December 22, 2021 – The latest news on flights to Croatia, as Croatia Airlines Barcelona-Zagreb flights return next summer and Pristina-Zagreb flights are reduced in January and February.

The Croatian national airline, Croatia Airlines, will reintroduce a scheduled flight between Zagreb and Barcelona in the 2022 summer flight schedule, reports Croatian Aviation.

The flight between the two cities was first introduced in the summer of 1999 and then again in the summer of 2009. The line operated regularly until the summer season 2020, when it was not in service due to the pandemic.

The Croatian national airline expects demand on the route to pick up again in the coming summer season, so tickets for direct flights between the two cities are already on sale.

The first flight was announced at the very start of the summer flight schedule on March 27, and by mid-April there will be two flights per week, every Thursday and Sunday. As of April 19, the third weekly flight goes on sale, every Tuesday, and Croatia Airlines plans to maintain weekly flights until the end of the summer season, October 29, 2022.

A319 planes have been announced on all flights between Barcelona and Zagreb, which have a capacity of 144 seats on Croatia Airlines. In the first 7 months of next year Croatia Airlines will offer more than 26,000 seats on this route.

Along with Croatia Airlines, the Spanish airline Vueling is expected to operate between Barcelona and Zagreb next summer, twice a week, every Tuesday and Saturday, and in August and Thursday, so there should be up to six weekly flights on this road at the height of the summer.

In addition, Croatian Aviation reports that the number of weekly operations on the new line between Zagreb and Pristina, which started on December 15 of this year, will be reduced.

From early January to late February next year, the Kosovar tour operator will operate between Zagreb and Pristina twice instead of three times a week.

Croatia Airlines and Trade Air will soon be reducing the number of weekly operations on MyWings from Kosovo. During this period, flights are canceled on Mondays, so Zagreb and Pristina will be directly connected on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This is an expected decision from the tour operator given the line was introduced recently and demand is generally low in January and February, especially now with the pandemic.

From the beginning of March MyWings will again operate between Pristina and Zagreb three times a week (and on Mondays), and from the end of March there will be a significant increase in capacity on the line – instead of the DashQ400 of 76 places. aircraft, the 144-seat A319 aircraft will be operated.

By March of next year, there will be an increase in demand on the line, and the tour operator will be carrying out some marketing activities to attract as many potential passengers as possible.

Round-trip ticket prices have now been reduced and can be purchased for as little as 150 euros.

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