Europe rewards Barcelona’s sustainability



Barcelona built the first social housing building built with shipping containers two years ago. And now the European Union has awarded this project and another for landscaped roofs the New European Bauhaus Prize. These are two professions that create “beautiful, sustainable and inclusive” lifestyles.

The building has 12 one- and two-room houses designed to temporarily house families who have been evicted and are waiting for a permanent apartment. Barcelona City Council defines them as Provisional Proximity Housing (APROP).

The New European Bauhaus Prize is a project with which the EU wants to strengthen sustainability without losing style and beauty. The objective is that the green transition can affect several sectors of the economy and the building is the one that pollutes the most in the world. It emits 39% carbon dioxide.

The EU views APROPs as “a modular, adaptable and mobile living solution”. Shipping containers are not visible. A team of architects designed them with interior and exterior insulation to look like a conventional residential building. In addition, the facade combines polycarbonate and wood, which improves its thermal insulation and therefore reduces energy consumption.

The building exceeds the maximum sustainable rating level for buildings and the construction cost was 940,000 euros ($ 1,100,000). In a year and a half, Barcelona city hall has social housing that would normally take between six and seven years to build. Although at first it was discussed that these were temporary apartments, it is likely that for many, they are their final destination.



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