Fan Tokens: Lionel Messi becomes global ambassador for the Fan Tokens platform


Iionel Messi has joined as a global ambassador for the Fan Token platform, with the intention of running educational and promotional campaigns on new digital assets that seek to unite fans with the sports world in a more active way. The Argentine star will share with his more than 400 million followers the benefits of Fan Tokens which aim to create a more connected, active and empowered digital community within the sports world and its various entities.

This agreement, for a period of at least three years according to Socios, provides for the presence of Messi in the new TV campaign.

Messi is not the only sports star to join initiatives with new digital assets in the world of sports and blockchain technology. Recently, David Beckham also joined the world of metaverse and NFT. hosted Messi as a global ambassador with the video below, through which the platform highlights the success of the Argentinian’s career and his numerous titles and awards.

Lionel Messi becomes global ambassador for the Fan Tokens platform

Messi: The fans deserve more recognition

“[Becoming a Global Ambassador for the platform] is a source of pride, with the aim of creating a future with more and better interaction opportunities for fans around the world.” Messi noted.

“ wants to improve the experience of fans and allow them to be more than just fans. Fans deserve greater recognition and greater involvement in their teams.”

Alexandre Dreyfusthe founder and CEO of, also had his say on the news.

“It is only very rarely that a talent like Lionel Messi emerge, able to make football even more special for fans”, Dreyfus noted.

“I’m looking forward to starting to work together for a future in which fans can play a much more active role in their teams. We’ve come a long way in recent years, but if there’s one thing fans know, is it with Lionel Messi In our team, nothing is impossible.”

What is a Fan Token?

Before going any further, it is important to remember what a Fan Token is. A Fan Token is a digital asset created on a blockchain that gives its owner access to a service that sports organizations provide to their supporters through the application.

To understand it better, the Fan Token is the access key to a modern version of the traditional fan program, which does not require a subscription or renewal (you only pay once) and which, for the first time, gives the possibility for fans to participate in team decisions by voting in polls and taking part in exclusive experiences, such as the one that took place on April 25 at the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano, where 26 Rojiblancos supporters were able to play a match at the stadium.

Fan Tokens are one of the tools on which many hopes for the future of the sport rest. In fact, the Sports Sponsorship Barometer 2021, released by SPSG Consulting last month, placed these digital assets as the second most influential revenue stream in the sports industry over the next five years.

A growing community of users

Fan token owners are increasing every year. has built a global community of 1.5 million people in 167 different countries. These are sports fans who, thanks to Fan Tokens, actively participate in the daily life of their teams, vote on decisions through polls, benefit from exclusive promotions and discounts and are eligible to win a multitude of prizes and gifts, from official signed merchandise to unforgettable VIPs. experiences.

More than 130 sports organizations

More than 130 sports organizations around the world are already using technology to actively connect with their fans. The list includes global football giants such as Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, ​​Atlético Madrid, Valencia, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter, Arsenal, Naples, Manchester City, Flamengo, Corinthians and River Platebut also around fifty American NBA, NFL, NHL and MLS franchises, esports clubs, Formula 1 teams and more.

New goals to continue building community plans to launch at least 500 polls this year, allowing its users to participate in decisions of their teams such as, for example, the design of the kits, the number of new signings or the celebratory chants in the stadium. also plans to offer up to 17,000 prizes and rewards to its users, from official signed merchandise to free tickets or VIP experiences with their idols. users will also benefit from promotions related to other companies sponsoring their teams and will be able to access exclusive content, games and other fun features through the app.


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