FC Barcelona debuts on Chinese platform Xiaohongshu


FC Barcelona continues to expand its digital footprint in China with the launch of an official account on China’s leading lifestyle platform, Xiaohongshu. Barça is the first European sports club to have an official presence on the platform and connect with its more than 100 million monthly active users, most of whom are millennials.

The collaboration with Xiaohongshu will bring Chinese fans closer to Barca than ever before with exclusive lifestyle-focused content focused on Barcelona’s rich culture. FC Barcelona’s presence on the platform will also help the Club reach a new generation of Gen Z fans in China and strengthen their relationships with Culer women. This latest addition comes on top of FC Barcelona’s strong digital presence in China, which has amassed over 14 million followers on Weibo, Douyin, WeChat and Toutiao.

The launch follows Barca’s recent frames and stickers on Meitu XiuXiu, which were downloaded over 8 million times in the first week. These latest initiatives reinforce the Club’s commitment to continuously improve the digital experience of its 34 million fans in China, many of whom will never visit Camp Nou in person. They echo FC Barcelona’s broader digital strategy, which aims to strengthen the Club’s ties with its fans around the world through the creation of engaging and localized content, delivered in innovative formats.

About Xiaohongshu

With a mission to “inspire lives”, Xiaohongshu is a lifestyle platform that inspires people to discover and connect with a range of diverse lifestyles. Millions of users present their experiences on the platform daily, from cosmetics and beauty to fashion, food, travel, entertainment, fitness and childcare, rendered visually through a variety of formats including photos, text, videos and live broadcasts. The innovative platform integrates the authentic content shared by its community with commerce, quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for making lifestyle decisions.


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