Flights from Glasgow to Barcelona cheaper than a meal Boots



While there are still restrictions such as wearing face masks and Covid testing, we are finally moving towards “normalcy” – something we all crave.

Something else we’ve all missed is a chance to get away from it all and escape our busy professional life (and Covid) to exchange it for a relaxing vacation – whether at home or at home. ‘outside.

But while doing some research, we came across the cheapest flight we think you’ll ever find and you might want to pack your bags. Why do you ask?

Because a two hour and 35 minute flight with Ryanair from Glasgow Prestwick to Barcelona Airport is actually cheaper than a Boots meal, a Starbucks coffee, a McDonalds meal and even a bus ticket.

In addition to the endless list above, it is also cheaper than a train ticket to Edinburgh which costs £ 13.50 for a single ticket for the same date and time.

According to Skyskanner, on August 17 at 7.40pm you can take off from Glasgow for just 99p and land in Barcelona at 10.40pm, head to your accommodation and wake up to sunny Spain.

We left to book our flights now

If you want to take a bag with you Ryanair charges £ 34 while checked baggage costs £ 49.99 – still not bad for a flight to Barca, eh?

On top of that, there is a tiny 10 pence cancellation fee (listed as optional) that will protect you even if you cancel your trip up to two hours before departure.

It also guarantees you a full refund if you “cannot travel for a valid medical reason” – including Covid.

This means that there is no problem even if your test is positive.

It's still a cheap flight!
It’s still a cheap flight!

So what are you waiting for, go book it before someone else does.

And hey, if your birthday falls around the same time, why not spend it there?



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