Former Olympian Says She’s Near Bankruptcy After Comments About Trans Athletes


Former Olympian Sharron Davies has revealed she was close to bankruptcy following her comments about the participation of transgender athletes in women’s sport.

The British swimmer said he was against trans athletes competing against cisgender women in the past, saying they had an unfair advantage.

Her position has led to strong backlash and she is now struggling to find work after her agents abandoned her and charities refused to work with her.

“There has been so much hatred and intimidation. It was very difficult,” Davies told Mail on Sunday’s You magazine.

“The charities I’ve worked with for 30 years have let me down, the agents I’ve worked with for 30 or 40 years don’t use me anymore because trans activists can be so vicious and malicious – they go after your work, after your brand, they attack everything.

The Olympic silver medalist revealed that she is currently living off the inheritance she received from her late mother, who died five years ago.

Money is running out, but Davies said she’s “not giving up” on her opinions.

“I have friends with trans kids,” she said. “I have made friends with many transgender people during this process because the majority fully understand. Many just want to live their life and think this argument makes things harder for them.

LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 28: Sharron Davies Team GB 2012 Amassador poses for a portrait on March 28, 2011 in London, England. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images for Team GB/British Olympic Association)

In 2019, Davies’ bizarre tweet about global repopulation received thousands of responses after he signed off with the term “binary sex issues”.

The message read: “If you put 2 biological women on an island, humanity dies out (but they would talk a lot) if you put a biological male and a trans woman on an island, humanity dies out.

“But if you put a male and a female there, we might have a chance! As long as they can fish of course. Binary sex matters.

The controversial tweet drew huge backlash and she continued to argue with the replies and retweet those who supported her hours after the post.

“I always said that I was not anti trans”, she replied to a user. “I spoke of a biological fact that I hope you don’t dispute?” And I’m not going to give up on women’s sport being protected for biological women so they have the same chances they deserve.

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