Free Cambridge show this weekend by electro alt hop duo Kid Hyena



Tap dancing, the War Child charity, Barcelona, ​​Cambridge and a motorhome come together for a special show at The Elm Tree in Cambridge this Sunday, October 17.

Kid Hyena. Photo: Matt Kemp and Maria Moreno

The live music at Orchard Street Hall takes an interesting turn with this free show from top actor and Barcelona music culture shock Kid Hyena.

The group will perform a stripped-down acoustic version of their self-proclaimed “electro alt hop” show that features tap dancing, body percussion and acoustic songs to sing along. The show starts at 6 p.m.

After, in their own words, “too many sofas sitting and wasting time” throughout the pandemic, husband-and-wife duo Matt Kemp and Maria Moreno from Kid Hyena bought a motorhome and decided to go. and to visit the UK to raise funds and raise awareness about the War Child Charity. Founded in 1995, War Child protects, educates and defends the rights of children affected by war.

With over 30 years of workshop facilitation experience behind them, Matt and Maria are also adding a community workshop program to their touring schedule. Aiming to reach out to people from disadvantaged backgrounds, they already have a long list of music and expression workshops to offer those that include refugees, the visually impaired and youth groups.

Kid Hyena.  Photo: Matt Kemp and Maria Moreno
Kid Hyena. Photo: Matt Kemp and Maria Moreno

The group is open to requests to run workshops in the Cambridge area. Contact us if you are interested in To learn more about The Elm Tree, visit

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