Frenkie De Jong has no intention of leaving Barcelona or reducing his salary – report


Frenkie De Jong still has no intention of leaving FC Barcelona and joining Manchester United, despite an agreement between the clubs on a transfer fee, according to Fabrizio Romano.

The player loves the city, loves the club, loves his current manager and wants to stay.

Barcelona have said that if he wants to stay, they expect him to take a pay cut in order to fit into the club’s salary structure.

Reports are conflicting on whether De Jong would be willing to do so, but according to Romano, he has no intention of reducing his salary.

Manchester United and Barcelona’s transfer agreement still stands and could be completed if De Jong agrees to the move. Xavi recently said he considers the Dutchman a useful player but is aware Financial Fair Play issues are also important. Joan Laporta has admitted Barcelona have offers for the player, while still insisting De Jong cut his salary if he wants to stay.

Barcelona’s handling of the situation has been controversial, with some claiming their attempts to lower his salary are unethical.

The club has very little leverage for this pay cut to happen, and if it does happen it will be entirely voluntary. His contract is still valid for four years.

Part of the problem is that De Jong agreed to restructure his contract during the pandemic-induced financial crisis, accepting lower wages then in exchange for a pay rise later.


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