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New expats will naturally have to consider several factors before moving to another part of the world.

Perhaps one of the most important considerations for families will be raising their child and minimizing disruption as much as possible. Particularly at the time of Covid-19 and when so many educational disruptions have taken place, it is important to find a certain educational consistency. With different education systems provided around the world and varying quality, resources and outcomes, it is essential that parents are aware of the different options available to them and choose one that meets their child’s aspirations and needs. .

One of these options is online schooling – a flexible and immersive way for students to learn in a modern and engaging environment. As hybrid and distance working models for parents increase in the post-Covid-19 world, with many modern families considering a more flexible approach to their working lives, the notion of online schooling is an attractive alternative.InterHigh is a leading independent UK online school that enables education to be modeled around the needs of each student and the broader lifestyle. With over 16 years of experience in online education, we provide primary, secondary and sixth education for all students aged 7-19. Classes and extracurricular activities foster skills that will be applicable in today’s world, including empathy, resilience, international spirit, and digital literacy.We offer iGCSE and A levels while meeting UK independent school standards, with lessons taught by fully qualified and experienced UK teachers. Combined with a proven educational model and innovative delivery, we use exciting technology that brings lessons to life and increases engagement in learning. Our range of topics, activities and support is the ideal solution for the varied needs of moving families and expatriates.


Not wanting to enter and leave different schools and create disruption in learning, our online school guarantees consistency for your child. Access to flexible hours, high-quality live lessons with face-to-face instruction, as well as recorded lessons, means students can easily catch up on anything that may have been missed. Safe social platforms mean children around the world can connect, work together and thrive, regardless of time zones and travel requirements.Registration is also flexible; we have some families with us for the duration of their child’s schooling, while others join for short periods. This can be while traveling or as a way of offering their child the opportunity to learn a subject that is not available at their physical school.One example is InterHigh student and table tennis champion Anna Hursey. As the youngest athlete in all sports history to compete at the Commonwealth Games, Anna’s training program makes her education more and more complex. Anna used to study at Cardiff High School in Wales, a mixed comprehensive school in the UK. She was happy in school and doing well, but the pressure of her training impacted and suffered academically.Joining an online school gave Anna greater flexibility to continue her education while developing her table tennis career. Wherever she traveled in the world, she was able to progress in her education alongside her training. This flexibility has been key for Anna in pursuing her athletic aspirations, without compromising her academic progress.


As members of the Inspired Group of over 70 schools across five continents, our students can also benefit from the opportunity to spend time on campus at one of the educational group’s premium international boarding schools. Summer camps, exchange programs and in-school experiences, combined with InterHigh’s comprehensive online course and virtual campus offering, provide the perfect blend of online and offline learning and enhance the sense of community and social opportunities among students. Virtual events and initiatives such as the Model United Nations and the Student Leadership Conference are hosted by students from the Inspired group, and InterHigh students are invited to connect and collaborate with this global network of over 50,000 student-learners. to become international citizens of the future.

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We pride ourselves on not only enhancing academic opportunities, but also championing strong pastoral and welfare support. Students can benefit from 1: 1 coaching and guidance from tutors at any time of the day. Parents and mentors also have 24-hour access to attendance data, reports and communications through our virtual platform.InterHigh alumni have achieved impressive feats, in part due to their ability to plan their education around their interests and career. Many of our students are aspiring sports and theater professionals, or have even become writers or young entrepreneurs alongside their training with us, which makes it even more important for them to have a flexible way of studying.We are committed to every student in our community and work with each to develop their potential and help them recognize future opportunities and paths. As a result, we consistently achieve outstanding results for a non-selective online school, with graduates going to UK and international universities as well as rewarding careers across many industries. In 2019, among InterHigh graduates who applied to college, 47% went to Russell Group universities, of which 10% studied medicine or aerospace engineering.We would love to welcome you to our community. Enrolling your child in InterHigh will ensure their continuity, stability and flexibility. To find out more or to discuss admissions and study options visit:

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