G4AL Partners with YGG Ahead of Q4 2022 Games Release


Barcelona, ​​Spain, August 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ex-King Studios FVP Manel Sort and his team at G4AL have recently partnered with Yield Guild Games (YGG), one of the largest community-based gaming guilds within the Web space3.

G4AL Partners with YGG Ahead of Q4 2022 Games Release

From its beginnings with large shares in the Axie player base, YGG as a guild has since expanded into many different avenues. This partnership aims to showcase their latest game: Elemental Raiders, and highlights both parties’ commitment to growing and accelerating web3 gaming as it evolves into a longer and more sustainable model.

G4AL x Yield Guild Games

While commenting on the new collaboration, Sarutobi Sasuke, Head of Partnerships at YGG, said that it contributes to the overall vision and narrative of Yield Guild Games.

“G4AL’s economy of a singular token used in all of their games, including Elemental Raiders, is something we’re excited to see grow. We’ve partnered with Manel and the team because we believe that the potential they hold to become industry leaders, especially with the huge professional gaming experience they offer. We are really excited for our community to jump in and make their mark,” added Sasuke.

The partnership between G4AL and YGG will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • YGG will receive 500 chests from G4AL, each containing 3 unique YGG-themed skins (Common, Rare, Epic).
  • NFT skins in each chest will give players “play and win” status with 5 arena tickets, with which they can start playing for free and earn tokens.
  • The YGG community will also be hosting PvP tournaments and competitions within Elemental Raiders as the game’s development progresses, with plenty of revenue opportunities.
  • Elemental Raiders will create and deploy unique and custom YGG-focused in-game skins for its characters, providing exclusivity to its scholars and community members.

Our partnership with YGG allows G4AL along with Elemental Raiders and all of our other upcoming titles to take a long-term approach to building the Web3 gaming community. Using our initial game assets, they will have early access to our first games released in Q4 2022 and help us shape the future of G4AL” says Manel Sort, CEO and Founder of G4AL.

With its own metaverse in the near future, YGG acts as a support umbrella for its players, bringing players together to decide what games they want to play, what assets they acquire, and how they use them in-game.

With the computer the beta version of the game is now live and mobile coming soon, everyone can play the game for free – and test the first game of G4AL; Elemental Raiders. By participating in co-marketing campaigns hosted with guilds such as YGG, users can also start earning tokens by playing for free,“added Manel Sort.


Yield Guild Games (https://yieldguild.io/) is a decentralized gaming guild acquiring non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that generate rewards from active play in blockchain games. YGG’s mission is to bring millions of gamers around the world into the play-to-earn revolution that brings the benefits of blockchain technology to those who need it most.

A short documentary released in May 2021, Play-to-Earn: NFT Gaming in The Philippines, reveals the story of a rural community that earned income through gambling to win during the COVID-19 pandemic. The documentary, which was produced in collaboration between Yield Guild Games, Digital Delphi and Emfarsis Councilshows how NFTs and cryptocurrencies offer transformative economic opportunities for people young and old in developing countries where jobs are scarce and crisis relief is limited.

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