Giant mural of Man City’s Guardiola kissing Roma’s Mourinho spotted at Barcelona’s Primavera music festival


Former Barcelona and Real Madrid coaches were on display in a passionate embrace at the music festival

A giant mural depicting Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola and Roma boss Jose Mourinho embracing each other has been displayed in Barcelona.

The massive painting was put up at the Primavera Sound Festival.

The image is a variation of the iconic mural that depicted former Soviet Union leader Leonid Brezhnev and his former German Democratic Republic counterpart Erich Honecker at the Berlin Wall.

What is the fresco?

The mural that was unveiled at the festival, which ran for 11 days from June 2 to June 12, showed the two coaches passionately kissing.

It included the message: “My God, help me survive this deadly love”, which was also written on the original mural by Brezhnev-Honecker.

There’s also another message next to the mural, saying, “Barcelona + Madrid = Primavera Sound. Diversity, Culture, Tolerance.”

Why does the fresco show Guardiola and Mourinho kissing?

The artwork was originally shown between Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona, ​​and Isabel Diaz Ayuso, President of the Community of Madrid, in a passionate kiss as a representation of the love between the two cities.

However, the two characters were later replaced by Guardiola and Mourinho.

A fierce rivalry between the two coaches erupted when Guardiola was Barcelona coach and Mourinho was in charge of Real Madrid.

Both teams have been involved in a series of intense matches in La Liga and the Champions League.

Their teams have faced each other 11 times and led to tensions reaching a new height when they met four times in 18 days in La Liga, the Champions League and the Copa del Rey.

Mourinho’s comments during press conferences finally got the better of Guardiola, who got carried away in front of the journalists.

“Off the pitch he’s been winning. He’s been winning off the pitch all season,” he said.

“Let them give him a Champions League so he can enjoy it and bring it home. In the press room he’s the fucking boss and the one who knows more than everyone.”

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