Highlanders delegation leaves country ahead of European tour


The Highlanders delegation left the country ahead of their European tour.

The four-man delegation, consisting of Board Chairman Luke Mnkandla, Executive Chairman Johnfart Sibanda, General Secretary Morgan Dube and Treasurer Busani Mthombeni, is traveling to Paris, France, where they will spend three days.

The group will then separate, with two members – the chairman of the board and the executive chairman – traveling to Manchester, England, and the others traveling to Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Delegates will meet on October 14 and travel to Brussels, Belgium, where, again, they will spend three days.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of their departure, Dube said: “The main purpose of the tour is to learn.

“We will engage with the clubs to this end and also meet the fans. As you know, the Highlanders have fans everywhere, especially in the UK.

“Our schedule in Spain will not involve the fans, but will engage the clubs.

“We will also have an appreciation of the infrastructure in those respective countries and engage clubs to learn how they are structured from board, executive, technical and sponsorship.”

The general secretary added: “We hope to create trainee player exchange and secretarial exchange relationships (with clubs), where we hope our members will have ties to those clubs.”


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