Hill, Roanoke District Attorney Candidate, Used Bankruptcy Court to Settle Unpaid Tax Debt | Local News


As a 2017 Roanoke Commonwealth Lawyer candidate, attorney Melvin Hill answered questions about his tens of thousands of dollars in federal tax debt by saying he had arranged to deal with it via a payment plan: $ 2,300 per month.


Courtesy of Melvin Hill

Twenty-six months later, however, Hill went to court, declared bankruptcy, and successfully applied for a discharge from his debt, a decision that released him from any obligation to pay due to insolvency.

This discharge, of approximately $ 186,000, has focused on his tax delinquencies for at least 10 of the past 15 years, according to court documents.

Hill, 65 and a Democrat, lost his first candidacy, but last month he announced a second candidacy for the city attorney and will again challenge incumbent Donald Caldwell, who will run as an Independent.

Canceling an agreed interview with the Roanoke Times about his personal finances early Friday, Hill – who has practiced law in the Valley since 1984 – said he believed voters should focus on his qualifications for the job.

“In my experience, people support a candidate or not,” Hill said.

Through the type of bankruptcy Hill said in Chapter 7, an applicant’s assets are taken over by a trustee and reduced in cash to pay off as much debt as possible. While Hill’s petition claimed that his practice of law had brought in around $ 105,000 in each of the previous two years, it also showed that he still owed the government significant amounts and had no wealth. personal, property, stock, savings, retirement or other significant assets to convert.


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