Honeymoon couple save 20 babies from burning building


A Rhode Island couple were in Spain on their honeymoon when they saw a building on fire and sprang into action.

Doran Smith and David Squillante traveled to Barcelona, ​​Spain last month for their honeymoon, two years after getting married. The trip had been postponed like many people due to the pandemic and travel restrictions.

According to CBN, the couple were touring the park in Barcelona when they noticed a woman frantically exiting a nearby building.

“I saw a flame coming out of the door next to the door that these women came out of,” Smith shared with WJAR-TV. “So I said, ‘Oh my God, there’s a fire. “”

Her husband’s father and grandfather had both been firefighters and without really thinking, Squillante jumped into action.

“Instinct kicked in. I found myself watching 15, 20 babies sleeping, and immediately I lined everyone up, and we started grabbing them, putting them in the crib.”

Even though Squillante didn’t speak the same language as the woman who ran the crèche, they worked together to save the infants.

“We were literally taking cribs with a few kids in [them] and roll them across the street to the high school hall,” says Smith, who helped her husband.

Knowing that all the babies and people in the burning building were out of danger, the married couple continued their tour.

Squillante shared, “But yeah, it went well, you know?” His wife, Smith, said, “It was wild.”


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