How Rubiales and Pique agreed to split millions of euros taking the Supercopa to Saudi Arabia


A report published this Monday described exactly how the Spanish football federation, the RFEF, and Gerard pricksThe Kosmos company worked together to organize the Supercopa de Espana in Saudi Arabia.

It was revealed that the RFEF signed a contract that guaranteed them €40m for each edition of the Supercopa held in Saudi Arabia, while Kosmos would take €4m for each tournament held over a six-year period. adding up to 24 million euros in total.

All of this was detailed in an exclusive report by El Confidencial, which also published recordings of conversations held between prick and president of the RFEF Luis Rubiales.

In one of these recordings, prick replied to Rubiales‘ suggestion that real Madrid wouldn’t play outside of Spain for less than €8m.

“If it’s a question of money and [Real Madrid] would go for 8 million euros, then they would be paid 8 million euros and Barcelona are paid 8 million euros too, then the others are paid 2 million euros and 1 million euros”, prick mentioned.

“It’s 19 million euros and you, the federation, keep 6 million euros.

“We could even push Saudi Arabia to ask for more, saying if not, then real Madrid might not come.

“Rather than hosting in Spain where you won’t even earn 3 million euros, think about it.”

Kosmos did not earn money directly from the federation

prick was involved in organizing the Supercopa de Espana, one of the few business ventures in which he has been accused of addressing a conflict of interest without ever really crossing that line.

In this case, he did not charge commission directly to the RFEF in order to avoid breaching codes of ethics, which El Mundo reported in November 2019.

prick was also involved in setting up Rakuten Barcelona as a sponsor, as well as the organization of the new Davis Cup and the purchase Andorra FC.

Congratulatory message from Rubiales to Pique

Another voicemail has been sent to prick when the agreement has been concluded, with Rubiales congratulate the Barcelona player.

“Bravo Geri and I’m not talking about your great game and your goal yesterday,” said the RFEF president.

“I am referring to the fact that the agreement is signed with Saudi Arabia.

“Thank you for everything and I’m here for whatever you need.”

This message was sent on September 15, 2019, with the first edition of the tournament in Saudi Arabia held the following January, just before the pandemic. real Madrid won it, with Atlético Madrid, Barcelona and Valence also participate.

Rubiales and Pique’s plan to take Supercopa to Camp Nou

Before taking the tournament to Saudi Arabia, there was talk of playing it in Spain and the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu and Camp Nou were possibilities.

Rubiales explained to prick that real Madrid would likely reject the chance to host him, meaning they could justify taking him to Camp Nou.

“I think real Madrid will say ‘no’, but it’s great for us to justify things in the future and say that we’re going to the stadium with the biggest capacity, the stadium of the champion or the cup winner or the cup runners-up . I think we will have legitimacy.”


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