In response to bankruptcy, 184: Mikado learns the word “tenors” and continues to do so without delay


Mikado has no idea how to infiltrate President Karens’ style. She did the same in the previous bankruptcy. Mikado noticed Karen talking to a beloved man, and she began to dig deeper into her dialogue. However, she didn’t know that. Nevertheless, in We Need to Know About Kaguya Bankruptcy 184, Mikado will grill Karen. He will talk with Kaguya about his emotions. That’s all you want to grasp when it comes to subsequent bankruptcy.

In the third quarter of bankruptcy, Kaguya and Mikado will continue to appear in their roles. They will decide to interview the researcher for his journal. Thanks to this, they will know their learning methods and will rank additionally in the exam. They will also grill Karen and Mikado will start dreaming about a myth.

What will happen and we don’t know anything about the bankruptcy of Kaguya 184: what will happen finally?

In the following bankruptcy, Kaguya and Mikado will discover the university to search for information. They will focus their attention on academics and interview them to better understand and learn more about their courses and how they rose to the top of the job. From a trip of three million hours to a visit to our home, each of the two kanaagans will try to become the president of the organization. He would talk about his findings about his plans and how he used his notes to organize the exam.

After their talk, Karen will ask Kaguya to sit down with her for a chat. He will tell her throughout the aggressive examination and application process in this very good college. Karen will ask him to register with him, and he will learn about our consultation, and if not before we hear from him, he will give him some notes he would have prepared for Kaguya. Mikado will hear their dialogue and be satisfied to be informed of how the Karen are handling Kaguya. I’m going to start thinking of some well-balanced stories.

A good rest!

In the previous interview with the Chairman of the book, We Want to Know About Kaguya Chapter 183, Mikado noticed that Shijokun was talking to the Chairman. He was eager to understand what they were talking about. Mikado said they could talk about the president’s love and feelings for Kaguya. However, Shijokun was a bit reluctant and had no intention of keeping an eye on their dialogue with Mikado. She tried to let Shijokun expose their conversation and endured and tried every strategy imaginable. However, he decided to stay mum.

As he came back to his thoughts, he was ashamed of the sexual stuff they had mentioned. He was ashamed of it and he loved it. Even though Mikado didn’t seem to understand the language, the boys were communicating. She said she was looking to use them to hide information at the entrance to the website and to use their dialogue as a reference. Even though Mikado was trying to persuade Shijokun, Kazama and Toyaski were all concerned. They asked what was happening to them, and Mikado wrote down what she had been trying to figure out about the boys’ communication. So Toyosaki printed that the boys normally mention attractive things, this indignant Mikado. But Mikado was for something else. But when Kaguya walked in, it got even more awkward.

We must know Kaguya – Bankruptcy – 184: The Order has been reorganized.

The creator introduced the date of the 184th bankruptcy. There is no fair unlock date schedule, but it is not practical. Moreover, betting when the next bankruptcy is over is quite difficult. If a version is revealed, we’d likely expect We Need to know about Kaguya Bankruptcy 184 to unlock on August 18, 2022. These pages will be sorted at Naver, Webtoon, and Kakao. Please listen. Animal Day is a regular activity of interest.

Do something about Kaguya. This is to see that Chaplain 184: Mikado is going to find out about Karens Feelings! The original episode of The Anime Daily got the first impression.



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