Kerala and Barcelona top responsible tourism destinations: Harold Goodwin


What could be common in Kerala and Barcelona, ​​besides football? Harold Goodwin, hailed as the father of responsible tourism, says the two places are open to change and are therefore the top two responsible tourism destinations around the world.

Mr. Goodwin, Founder and Chairman of the International Center for Responsible Tourism, Advisor and Chairman of the Jury for the Global Travel Market, is in Kozhikode to assess the progress of tourism initiatives in Beypore, which is being developed as a destination under the aegis of the Responsible Tourism Mission.

“These two places [Kerala and Barcelona] have rebellious locals who are willing to get involved in tourist activities. There are strong democratic local governments and panchayats here that make important decisions. The whole process is transparent to anyone who can analyze it, and finally, these two places are very good at combining marketing and management,” Mr. Goodwin said.

He praised the local community‘s involvement in improving the state’s tourism potential. “Kerala has shown the way in making tourism more sustainable. But it needs to do something with plastic waste by converting it into something useful and then the state could be a world leader in this,” Mr Goodwin said. “Here, the local people decide the product to be sold, whether it is culture, history, handicrafts or experience, and that is why Kerala is successful in the tourism sector,” said- he declared.

Mr Goodwin will visit responsible tourism units set up in Beypore constituency under the Beypore Integral Responsible Tourism Project on Sunday and then travel to Kannur.


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