King Felipe of Spain’s brother-in-law speaks out after being pictured with another woman


Infanta Cristina of Bourbonthe husband of Inaki Urdangarin spoke out after being photographed holding hands with another woman. According to El Correo, the woman in the photos is Ainhoa ​​Armementia. Her and King Felipe of Spain‘s brother-in-law would have work in the same law firm.

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Iñaki married Cristina, King Felipe’s sister, in 1997

As Iñaki arrived at his office on Thursday morning, he was asked about the photos. “Things happen and we will handle them in the best possible way,” he said (translated into English). Asked about his family and how they took the news, Iñaki replied: “As a difficulty that we will handle with the utmost calm and together, as always.”

The images of Iñaki and Ainhoa ​​wouldn’t have surprised King Felipe’s sister, Cristina. “She already knew that,” a source told ¡HOLA! Spain. A source said that Queen LetiziaThe sister-in-law is “well and calm”, adding: “At the moment, she only cares about her children.

Infanta Cristina and Iñaki, who married in 1997, share four children together: Juan Urdangarín and de Borbon, 22, Pablo Urdangarin and Borbon, 21, Miguel Urdangarín and de Borbon, 19, and Irene Urdangarin and de Borbon, 16.

Cristina and Iñaki (pictured in 2011) share four children© Spanish Royal House via Getty Images
Cristina and Iñaki (pictured in 2011) share four children

Pablo preferred not to comment when approached by a reporter, noting it was “a family issue”. He said (translated into English): “These are things that happen and we will talk about them and that’s it.” As to whether he spoke with his father or his siblings, Pablo replied, “Yes, everything is fine. We are all calm. We are all going to love each other equally. That’s it. Nothing more is needed.


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