LaLiga not afraid of Barca, Madrid and Athletic ‘sustainable project’



“LaLiga Impulse” is in no danger, or this is what gives the employer a glimpse of the agreement with the investor in low CVC, despite the contrapropuesta that launched the Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletics Club to try to “neutralize” the project led by Javier Thebes who already has the “good looks” of the clubs of the first and second division, but will have to approve on December 10 next.

The League Delegate Committee had already approved the project last Wednesday, but now expects to have the support of the majority at the LaLiga General Assembly on Friday 10 next. At the same, the remaining 39 clubs (without Barça, Madrid and Athletic, who are against) will make the final decision. He predicts that, in fact, it is everyone who approves the deal between LaLiga and the CVC lowest investor.

Even if they are not favorable to all, the employer ‘agree’ that the majority was. The support of the simple majority must be obtained (22 out of 42) so that ‘LaLiga Impulse’ comes out ahead of time, but Javier Thebes intends that all vote for. If it does not turn out like this, as he explains ‘Sportive World’, would not continue the operation with the CVC.

It should be remembered that, with the agreement, we will inject into the competition 2,700 million euros that will be given between the clubs. The loan will be made by this figure and will devolve over the next 40 years at low interest. The bottom investor will therefore receive 11% in total from non-audiovisual business and 10.95% from audiovisual in 50 years. Thus, the teams will have the opportunity to allocate 70% of the total amount to pay for infrastructure and new investments, 15% to refinance the debt and cope with the losses suffered by the pandemic (more than 1,000 million) and the remaining 15%. will be able to use in the staff.

The contrapropuesta of Madrid, Barça and Athletic

The solution for FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Athletic has been to present the new “Sustainable Project”, which has already been presented to all the teams of the first and second division by means of a letter. VSon this proposal, according to calculations, recorta the term to half (from 50 to 25 yearss) and significantly reduces the overall cost of financing by the convention. He is advised by Key Main Partners and financially supported by Bank of America, JP Morgan and HSBC.

The proposal has generated a lot of annoyance in La Liga and there are those who warn that there are a lot of voids and lagoons. Javier Thebes has mandated to go “against everything” since his announcement and, in his most recent letter, sent several “sticks” to Florentino Pérez, president of Madrid: “it’s not new to have at Real Madrid Against any initiative that improves the club community, but the past eight months have seen an exponential increase in indictments, political pressure and aggression, always aimed at damaging La Liga’s reputation and economy. It would be appropriate to ask: ‘Why does he not want a stronger and bigger League?’ “.



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