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Hi friends!

I don’t know if you knew this, but it’s Spanish for Hello friends!

I have just returned from my four months of study in Barthelona (the natives speak with a lisp that I had to develop). And let me say: studying abroad has changed my life.

I feel so culturally grateful and a better person for it. I’m not saying I’m better than you, but I know how to order booze (or as the locals say, alcohol) in two different languages ​​now.

Before you all say “daddy’s money” paid for this, I’ll let you know that I paid for it myself. . . I just used dad’s credit card. But I only used his card in an emergency. I had to use it to book flights, rebook flights I missed and buy new ones ropes. Sorry, I mean clothes. It’s almost like I’m bilingual now. After spending all my babysitting money on the fifth day, how else do you expect me to pay?

After spending four months in Europe, I feel like I gained a better understanding of the United Nations and the global community as a whole. Did you know there were wars before the American Revolution? All this time I thought we invented democracy, but apparently an old Greek did.

However, it was not all easy. The beginning of my journey proved to be particularly difficult. First, there were no tacos in Spain. I packed my sombrero and a souvenir Taco Bell mug, which caused the locals to give me strange looks. I learned after a few weeks that the tacos are actually Mexican and not Spanish.

It took me a while to understand Spanish fashion. I stopped in with my flip flops, baseball cap and American flag tank top because Travel.com rated Barcelona one of the best beach towns in Europe. So if you see me this fall in fancy pants and sweaters, it’s because I’m a more cultured person now. According to the only Spanish blog I received in English, Spanish fashion is heading to the United States, or United States. Before you know it, Brick Street will be filled with sweaters.

Don’t worry though, I won’t be the stereotypical foreign kid who won’t shut up about how studying abroad has changed his life. I will only bore you with my experiments if I feel it would benefit the whole group. For example, if my friends talk about football (American football), I will have to explain that in Europe, football is American football. And of course that will lead to my story of when I went to a football game while studying abroad in Barcelona.

Although I have to repeat all my classes, I am so looking forward to this next semester. Apparently “appreciating other cultures better” isn’t enough of an excuse to skip all your midterms to go to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day. Also, I’m going to do my best to get rid of the lisp I’ve gotten since becoming a Barthelona resident.



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