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Gianni Infantino called the World Cups hosted by one nation “a thing of the past”.

There has been a recent trend for multinational bids for the World Cups – the 2026 edition will take place in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Asked about the possibility of South American countries co-hosting the 2030 World Cup at today’s FIFA Council meeting, Infantino said: “I was in South America this week and it was a very interesting trip. The associations are doing an excellent job. People are very enthusiastic and everyone wants to do more and more.

“The World Cup is the biggest competition, the biggest event in the world, and several countries would like to organize a World Cup. Myself, as the president of FIFA, I am very interested to hear that the continent is interested in hosting the World Cup, there is so much passion in South America for football. Everyone would love to see another World Cup in South America.

“You mentioned Brazil, and I think World Cups held in one country are probably a thing of the past. I think we’ll probably see more World Cups hosted by two or three different countries. If we do, every region of the world can not only dream, but really consider hosting a World Cup.

“I’m really happy to see that so many countries are interested in hosting a World Cup. FIFA has lost the trust of many people, governments and organizations due to FIFA procedures, but in recent years we have shown what we can do and guarantee to the people of South America and elsewhere in the world.


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