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Ward 29 (Actonville, Wattville Hostel and Emandleni) Candidate Action SA Eric Simelane
“Let’s act together to provide services to our community. I will prioritize the maintenance of the apartments and the residents’ inn, the repair of potholes and the maintenance of the roads in Actonville.

“Street maintenance in the informal neighborhood of Emandleni is also essential to improve accessibility, as well as unblocking the drainage system to prevent flooding. I will prioritize water taps in the informal neighborhood while providing electricity to unconnected households.

“I intend to resolve community complaints with immediate effect and work to achieve affordable rent rates paid by apartment residents. The implementation of the disposal of illegally discarded waste as well as the stopping of the illegal connection to electricity will remain a priority.

“During my appointment, I will immediately work on repairing the lampposts and maintenance. I will help residents who experience incorrect billing for municipal services and job creation through local service delivery projects.

Ward 27 (Morehill, Airfield, Northmead, Ebotse Golf and Country Estate and most of Rynfield) Audrey Steyn, Action SA candidate
“My vision is to work collectively with stakeholders and the community to serve, build and rejuvenate our ancient golden city of Ekurhuleni.

“Growing up in Benoni and living in my hometown, I witnessed many years of lack of service delivery, which motivated me to address it.

“If you want a proactive, non-reactive advisor, I’m your candidate. If you want a councilor who makes elected municipal officials work for you, I am your candidate. If you want to repair old and failing electricity, water and road infrastructure, I am your candidate. If you want regular garbage pickup, garbage pickup, clean streets and parks, I am your candidate. If you want ethical representation on the board, I’m your candidate.

“My focus is on the action that moves Ward 27 forward from service delivery failure. “

Ward 28 (Lakefield, Farrarmere and Alphen Park) Candidate Action SA Christian de Jager
“I will strive for responsive, customer-centric service, better service delivery communication, and faster response time to queries.

“Greater investment in infrastructure is needed so that more is done on storm drains, water supply networks and obsolete substations. A cleaner city is vital where streets and parks are free of rubbish, so no illegal dumping and where public spaces are maintained.

“I will fight corruption and ensure that tax money is spent to improve the lives of citizens. Action SA focuses on advancing South Africa from broken promises, corruption and government failure to service delivery, ethical government and progress. I am a servant leader and part of the new dawn catalyzing real change. “

Imtiaz Loonat, ANC candidate for district 29
“I represented the residents of Ward 29 with dedication and honesty and ensured that basic services were provided to all of our people even when budgets were cut due to Covid-19.

“I will continue to help the people in my ward through consultations on the needs of our people. We will call on the waste department to improve programs to eliminate illegal landfills. Our roads that need drainage and resurfacing must be done urgently. The maintenance of the rented municipal apartments must be ensured, while the electrification of the informal district of Emandleni must be accelerated. Sewage from the hostel on Styx Road must be stopped and the hostel made more habitable for residents.

“Where the municipality was lacking in my previous term, I will continue to demand until we get acceptable service.”

Eulbri Kubayi, candidate of constituency 102 DA
“I strongly believe in promoting effective and good governance and ensuring that the residents of Ekurhuleni receive basic services, as enshrined in the Constitution of South Africa.

“In addition, as an advisor, I am able to represent residents’ issues to the City and be the representative link on matters of public importance and lead the budgeting and spending process. Most importantly, I will also play an oversight role – making sure the municipality is accountable to its residents.

“I plan to address the following relevant issues in Ward 102: repair and maintenance of street lights, irregularities in human settlements, waste disposal, delay in electrification, illegal dumping, crime and drug addiction, social services, violation of regulations and land invasion.

“My vision for Ward 102 is to see the community benefit from interrupted and consistent service delivery. “

District 109 ANC candidate Masele Madihlaba
“I am currently a municipal councilor for 109 and MMC for infrastructure services. I was a councilor in 2011 for district 67.

“I have held many roles in the community, most notably as an SGB member at WJ Mpengesi Primary School from 2015, while helping with the distribution of food packages, bringing the Unjani clinic into the ward and building houses in the extension of Barcelona 32, etc.

“I plan to complete the remarkable projects such as the Multipurpose Community Center (Thulani VD), the extension of the Barcelona clinic, the construction of a library in Quantum VD, the paving of 45 unpaved streets, the water management rainwater at stations two, three, Seven and 32, the park in Thulani and Ext Seven, the construction of the primary school in Barcelona and a sewer master plan to be implemented.

“Constant communication with all stakeholders is important, as is the creation of employment opportunities for young people. “

Khathutshelo Rasilingwane, candidate for constituency 110 DA
“I am passionate about my community and strive to be a representative voice of neighborhood residents. I believe that the DA is the only party that can adequately serve the community through its values ​​of freedom, equity, opportunity and diversity.

“My plan for the neighborhood is to represent the concerns of the community on council so that solutions can be found for the many problems that residents face. I plan to continue reaching out to the community through different platforms, such as home meetings and town halls. I also plan to continue to be responsive or accessible and accountable to the community across all social and digital platforms.

“I can empathize easily and relate to people. This skill has helped me in my role as a public relations consultant. It is a unique skill, which allows me to identify and understand more easily and quickly the weak points and the challenges of the residents.

Mary Goby, candidate for constituency 28 DA
“As the current Ward 28 Councilor, I strive to make sure I am always available to address issues in my community until they are resolved.

“Although we have come a long way, I am ready to serve the community again. I am fighting for the blocked storm drains to be replaced, as many have collapsed due to the old infrastructure.

“Our maintenance of the parks will also be a priority, as well as the provision of quality services. It is time to bring this parish back to what should be Benoni, the jewel of the East. I want to give residents and the community the “blue dream” of an efficiently run city, free from corruption and executive deployment.

“We are ready to get things done. It is time for a competent government to provide quality services and put the right foundations in place. “

District 109 DA candidate Raymond Dhlamini
“I am running as a ward counselor because I believe in the DA policy of freedom, fairness and opportunity.

“My passion is to serve the community and solve their problems using the council processes. The community needs renewed hope and a capable government that takes care of the essentials and gets things done.

“I will take care of service delivery issues affecting the neighborhood community. The main issues I will be driving around the neighborhood are roads and stormwater infrastructure, illegal dumping and persistent sewer overflow that negatively affects the community in Ward 109.

“The residents of Ward 109 and Ekurhuleni deserve a well-run government that provides basic services and provides a healthy and safe environment. An Ekurhuleni managed by DA will get the basics by ensuring efficient and responsive service delivery. I am ready to serve!

Jacques Meiring, ANC candidate for Ward 27
“I am a long time resident of Benoni so I understand the people who live in the area and their needs and concerns.

“I have been sorting out service delivery for six years, addressing the concerns of more than 150,000 residents in nine different neighborhoods on a daily basis. I have also been involved in a few capital budget development projects, such as the development of Bunny Park and the negotiation of the water tower which previously was to be a 10 year project.

“I believe it’s more than politics, it’s a call to serve people and make sure the board and the people receive effective communication.”


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