News & Such: Barcelona’s mortgage future and TFC fans await the Italian duo’s debut


Brendan Dunlop, Craig Forrest and Jimmy Brennan get you ready for the weekend, reacting to the latest transfer news and random stories that can only be found on Footy Prime. The signing of Jesse Lingard from Nottingham Forest has Jimmy over the moon, while Craig was eager to move on to the next topic after Lingard passed away on a return to West Ham.

Lorenzo Insigne hasn’t played any games for Toronto FC, but he will take part in the MLS All-Star Skills competition, which took the team by surprise. The team are wondering if the TFC faithful will be given an Italian duo debut on Saturday against Charlotte FC, with Insigne and Bernardeschi’s status unconfirmed at the time of taping. Everton’s loss to Minnesota United sparks some laughs, as producer Dan Wong reveals his distaste for former Toffee Richarlison. Jack Grealish can’t handle the theatrics of playing in CONCACAF, Alexandre Lacazette’s return to Lyon was marred by multiple wasp stings, JC and Roma pose as rural Ontario hockey players, and a Roma fan took advantage of a meeting with José Mourinho to propose his ‘special’.

Without a guest, Friday’s episode felt a lot more like a Wednesday show, which means there’s a lot of laughs from Jimmy, Dunny gets excited about the Portuguese names, and producer Dan Wong gets deeply curious with his questions about football.

Presenters: James Sharman, Craig Forrest, Jimmy Brennan, Brendan Dunlop and Dan Wong

Voiceover: Jeff Cole

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