Pep Guardiola produces inconclusive coronavirus test



It has already been quite an intense day at Manchester City, as the team prepare for their weekend fixture against Newcastle United.

Pep Guardiola was supposed to carry out his press conference duties normally, but these were quickly canceled when the Catalan’s coronavirus test came back as inconclusive.

Sky Sports note that Guardiola is now awaiting the results of a PCR test to determine what involvement, if any, he may have with his squad in preparation for the game which, at the time of writing, continues.

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Given that the Man City manager traveled to Barcelona midweek to witness the announcement of Sergio Aguero’s retirement, it is entirely possible that the inconclusive test was the result of that trip.

Frankly, it is beyond comprehension that at a time when people are strongly discouraged from traveling or mingling in other social circles or mingling more generally, Guardiola would take time out of his schedule to make a guided tour of a city he knows. so well.

He is accepted and understood why he would want to be there, but with technology as it is today, he could always have been there without actually being there.

If he has moved closer to one of his players and his results turn out to be positive, there is a very good chance that, due to his cheerfulness, Man City will not have the chance to expand their advance to the top of the table for at least a few more weeks.



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