Pep Guardiola talks about Clasico ‘wars’ 11 years later: his comment on Mourinho


Guardiola was speaking ahead of Sunday’s EPL clash at the top of the table with Liverpool.

“No, I wouldn’t say yes. I have to admit I’m Barcelona. Barcelona is part of my life. He was a ball boy, he was a teenager. Barcelona as a club with my heart.

“I’m sorry but that’s how it is. Barcelona is special to me. It’s my house, (it) gave me the opportunity to be a player, a football coach, I grew up there.

“All the education through sport that has been given to me and my family comes from Barcelona.

“I will never be grateful enough for what Barcelona have done for me, and then I saw an incredible four as a manager that I will never forget, and (it) gave me an incredible experience.

“I won’t change for a second what I experienced there, for a second.

“Even these games, these 10 daysfour games against Madrid in a row.

“But not only that, but the previous years when Manuel Pellegrini was there (at Real Madrid). It was fantastic.

“I have amazing memories, so my wish for Barcelona is always the best. It’s just different.”

His comment on José Mourinho

“It’s different, so the rivalry I had with José (Mourinho) was really good.

“So I learned a lot on my own and grew as a manager.

“He pushed, Joseto another level as a manager.

“He pushed me to bring the team up to speed and it’s quite similar here, but in another… from the outside here it’s calmer.

So here, normally in Barcelona now in Liverpool, there are cameras behind watching training sessions, you know, radios. No, it’s different here. So it’s the best. I’m so sorry you’re so proud of your country, it’s the best.”


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