Rafael Nadal has sunk his 2021 season but will he stay afloat in 2022?



“You have to adapt and accept things as they come”, the old man no. 1 ATP Rafael Nadal had commented on his need to shorten his season and deal with his left foot problems. The medical treatment was carried out in Barcelona and it will be a few days of relaxation and weeks of absence from the field.

Now 6th-ranked ATP guy Nadal admits “I’m still horny” which means playing on tour, but he needs to keep his eye on the fact that he’s not working out with a body that’s just started. play tennis. There are a lot of miles and he has been feeling the pains associated with being a top professional tennis player for quite some time now.

The last time the Spaniard set foot on the competitive field was with the CitiOpen in the first week of August, when he lost to South African Lloyd Harris in the third round. . He had managed to beat Jack Sock in the previous round, but he still had foot problems.

After the Harris match, the Spaniard decided to put his rackets away and end his tour at this point. Painful or not, he won the Italian Open against Novak Djokovic in three sets, but was beaten in the semi-final by the Serbian at Roland Garros in four difficult sets.

Nadal hadn’t predicted a recurrence of his old foot injury and really wanted to play at Wimbledon, as well as the last grand slam of the season, the US Open. He hasn’t been able to do anything and thinks he now needs to focus on treatment and regain his skills to perform at the highest level for next season.

“I’m determined to do it,” he stressed, but the cards only lie in how he can get back into shape and heal his injuries. At a press conference, Nadal comes out frank and says “My body has decided for me”, referring to his decision to quit the season earlier due to the discomfort and pain.

“I had some problems with my foot and had to stop playing for 20 days.” But the 2021 season was not so bad either as he won two trophies this year. One was the Barcelona Open after winning the final against Stefanos Tsitsipas in straight sets and the other was the Rome Master 1000, the Italian Open.

He took the victory by beating Djokovic in three sets. The loss of the semi-final at Roland Garros was obvious for Nadal who lost with a defeat in 4 sets against the Serbian. The CitiOpen turned out to be unsatisfactory as it started to experience foot pain upon winning the second round, but losing the third round to Harris.

Rafael Nadal is in an uncertain situation but at least his season is over and doesn’t have to stress about trying to play and not feeling good. The Spaniard knows that his rehabilitation will take longer.

“You have to trust the process and you have to accept the feeling that it’s going to be horrible…” he said honestly. Nadal feels that time is on his side, but once again not. The new season is almost five months away, so he doesn’t have to rush his recovery.

But still, his age is not to his advantage as his most difficult competition with Novak Djokovic is that of young players on tour who are eager to win and secure a trophy for playing against iconic players like Nadal. The Spaniard stays true and says “I know it’s going to be tough … Hope never leaves me … hope of” I’ll be back and be competitive … for the important things again. “

With the, he can only be thankful that when the new 2022 season arrives, he will be in great shape to achieve a great performance.



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