Real Madrid and Barcelona sign a non-aggression pact


Real Madrid and Barcelona the two represent Spain’s biggest footballing rivalry and clash in almost every aspect, on and off the pitch.

Despite this fierce rivalry, there is a respect between the two clubs, and between their respective presidents Florentino Perez and Joan Laporta.

Both are aware that any decisions they make can significantly affect the other, whether it’s the Super League, LaLiga management fight or other simpler sporting decisions.

The two clubs are in constant talks, and in recent months some of those talks have centered on a certain unwritten rule: respecting the contractual situations of each other’s players.

There was a verbal agreement between Perez and Laporta not to interfere with players on the other side who are still under contract. Players who are out of contract are another story, of course, and are fair game if one of the two decides to pursue them.

There has been interest from Real Madrid on Ronald Araujowhich Perez has denied, despite Los Blancos holding him in such high regard.

A move for Araujo, or any player for that matter, would only happen if he was in the final six months of his current deal.

A different situation with Haaland

However, signing players from other clubs is another matter and it is believed that Joan Laporta is ready to do absolutely everything in his power to prevent Real Madrid from signing. Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund.

The Barcelona president is ready to sell several players to finance the move of the young Norwegian striker and prevent him from donning the jersey of his club’s biggest rivals.


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