Rony Lopes, the 25 million euro Ronaldo: I saw myself playing for Real Madrid or Barcelona


Rony Lopez‘ Career didn’t go as planned. The Portuguese talent has signed for Manchester City at 16, and in 2019 he joined Seville in Spain. Now he is on loan in France with Troyes.

?Seville signed him for 25 million euros, but he never broke through or reached the heights expected of him. He was ready to Olympiacos last season and Pleasant Last year.

“Injuries have ruined my career” lopes told L’Equipe. “They always came on when I was better and lasted for a few weeks. It was always my hamstrings.

“No one could tell me the source of the problem. I have searched for answers for most of my life.

“I saw myself playing for real Madrid or for BarcelonaWhere Manchester City. I think I could have reached this level.

“It’s the most difficult thing. Sometimes I wonder how far I could have gone if I hadn’t been injured. I would like to know that.”

Rony Lopes blames Lopetegui for his Sevilla failures

Coach Julen Lopetegui is, according to ronywhy things didn’t work out for him in Andalusia.

“I got there and found a coach with whom I only played the Europa League on Thursdays” lopes said.

“At the weekend, I stayed at home, not even with the team.

“After confinement, Lopetegui told me that I was in good shape, even in better shape than the others in my place, but that he would play the others.

“Once I was with a teammate and he asked them how they were doing, but nothing for me. I wondered what I was doing there.”


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