Samuel Umtiti confronts ‘disrespectful’ Barcelona supporters who blocked and harassed his car



Barcelona defender Samuel Umtiti was harassed and his car was attacked by a group in the Catalan capital on Wednesday before deciding to face them directly to demand respect.

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Barcelona defender Samuel Umtiti faced a group of fans after attacking his car in the city on Wednesday.

A small group of Barca fans blocked the player’s car on the road as one climbed onto the hood while Umtiti was still behind the wheel.

Video footage shows Umtiti continuously pumping his vehicle’s horn in an attempt to disperse the group, but there was no immediate movement – as fans laughed and shouted the player’s name.

The defender then cranked his car’s engine and made short forward movements in an attempt to disperse the group, before accelerating briefly.

Umtiti then accelerated 20 meters before stopping his car and exiting to come back and confront those who had harassed him.

Fans climbed on the hood of Umtiti’s car during the incident


@ elchiringuitotv / Twitter)

One of the fans in attendance immediately asked the Barca player to be in a photo with him, which Umtiti forced himself to do – before he then started taking on the others within the squad.

Umtiti is then shown going to confront the individual who was mounted on the hood of his car and address him directly: “Do you know what respect is?

Umtiti asked the fan if he knew the meaning of “respect”


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“Do you know what that means? Do you know the word respect?

“Come here, will you pay for the car?” “

Umtiti was visibly enraged during the incident, and was then accosted to his car immediately after by the same group – who did not appear to show any remorse for their actions.

After returning to his car and closing the door, two fans still attempt to speak to the defender despite his refusal to roll down his car window and engage with them further.

Group members continued to harass Umtiti after he returned to his car


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El Chiringuito presenter Josep Pederol – who this year claimed international recognition for his show’s theatrical reporting method – adapted a serious tone to the coverage, before condemning the actions of the group that harassed the player.

Pederol looks at the camera in the studio before saying, “Funny, funny … you can like him or not like him, think he’s playing good or bad … but you can’t do that.”

The entire incident was filmed and shown by the program La Sexta El Chiringuito


@ elchiringuitotv / Twitter)

This is not the first time the player has been harassed and their car damaged by a group of individuals.

Last month, a video went viral showing two unidentifiable people approaching Umtiti’s vacant parked car to remove the hubcaps.

The video was uploaded by someone unrelated to the incident and he posted the message, while tagging Barcelona, ​​saying: “I’m leaving this here so you can act once and for all.”

In October, Ronald Koeman’s car was attacked by angry Barca supporters after the club’s loss to Real Madrid in El Clasico.

Koeman – who would be sacked days later after a loss to Rayo Vallecano – was with his wife in the car at the time, the incident raising questions about the club’s safety procedure around its Camp Nou stadium.

Umtiti has suffered from several injury issues in recent seasons and has become a peripheral figure for Barca’s squad.

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