Saviola names the perfect striker for FC Barcelona


Javier ‘Rabbit’ Saviola made his life in the Spanish League with FC Barcelona, Sevilla, Real Madrid and Malaga. Of our time, he continues to send balls at the end of the network with the Barça Legends and as an ambassador of LaLiga. With 40 years, the exatacante gave some statements to the newspaper ‘SPORT’, where he spoke about the present of the club, of Xavi Hernández as coach, of Lionel Messi and of the “perfect” striker for this “new” Barça.

He started talking about The classic Garter belt, where the Catalans won (0-4) at Santiago Bernabeu. “Had the opportunity to go as an ambassador for LaLiga, representing Barça. It was what everyone saw. A tremenda superiority from start to finish, with players who understood what Xavi was claiming. Had a tremenda of intensity from the first minute. Futbolísticamente Madrid didn’t allow him to think or create,” said the Argentine.

He also commented on this Barcelona and that of his period, when he was a Barcelona player from 2001 to 2007. “When I arrived it was complicated because there were a lot of players in the same place. Barça found this course of good results and titles. They started getting a lot of signatures. I was very happy in Barcelona, ​​people always treated me very well. It’s one of the best clubs in the world,” said the ‘Rabbit’.

In addition, he wanted to praise the management of Xavi as trainer and as player. “It was the first one that I arropó inside the locker room and then I created a friendship. All saw that it had become technical as it is now. Always tactically ordered you. It seemed like he had an x-ray of what was to come and had already seen that in the future was going to be what is today“, aimed. Added to that, comparing him to Guardiola. “Both follow the philosophy of Barca. Guardiola’s era was something that is unclear if he will ever see again. It amazed us all. Xavi is in the process. You have to expect him and not presionarle him. we put the batten on him very high“, added.

Messi and the ideal striker

Close to finalizing, spoke about Leo Messi and his presence at PSG. “Leo is in a difficult moment and everyone sees that it’s like that. Not only him, but Paris, it comes from this defeat against Madrid which happened in a complicated moment. But few tips can give it to the best player in history. It’s something that can happen that shows it’s a human being. He’s going to go through lower potholes that other professionals are coming from because we already know who they’re talking about. Ojalá Can find happy. I wish him that he comes back to make us smile with his way of playing football”, expressed the ex of River Plate.

Finally, he emphasized that he thinks this would be the best signing for the Barca striker next season. “As a striker, Lewandowski loves me. If he had to choose, he would choose it above all else. As a leader me in which he went my function. Between him and Benzema talk about the best strikers in the world at the moment. Benzema is already at Madrid and Lewandowski would be the perfect piece. We will see with what surprise we”, concluded.


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