Shakira says two wild boars attacked her in a park in Barcelona



Photo credit: Danny Kroon

Shakira shares a video saying she suffered a boar attack in Barcelona while walking with her son.

“Watch how two wild boars that were tying me up in the park left my bag,” the Colombian singer said in an Instagram story recounting the incident. She says the two boars took her back to the woods and destroyed everything inside before she could get it back. “They were taking my bag into the woods with my phone in it. They destroyed everything, ”she continues.

“In the end, they left the bag because I confronted them,” Shakira said of the boar attack, then turning to her son. “Milan is telling the truth. Tell how your mom resisted the boar.

According to the Spanish police, Shakira is the victim of increasingly aggressive wild boars. In 2016, police said they had received 1,187 phone calls about wild boars attacking dogs, cats and stopping traffic in the city of Barcelona. Wild boars are considered an invasive species and are drawn to cities to live on human waste.

The presence of wild boars in European cities is increasing. In Italy, a pack of wild boars has been videotaped stalking a woman carrying her groceries home. She eventually has to drop the bags to get away from aggressive animals. They have been seen rummaging through garbage, blocking traffic and intimidating schoolchildren in Rome.

Shakira announced a world tour in 2021 last year, but no information on tickets, cities or dates has been shared.

This is probably better, given that several tours that had to start over have been postponed or canceled altogether. The 2021 tour promoted by Live Nation would have been his first tour since El Dorado in 2018.

Shakira shared the duties of the Super Bowl Halftime Show with Jennifer Lopez last year. She told CBS News that she felt the weight of representing a large part of the Latin community in the United States during this performance. “I see him as an important force in America and needs to be well represented. And I think it’s a great opportunity, ”she said at the time.



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