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If you’re in your golden years, your tastes have probably changed since you were young. This also applies to travel. Maybe the palm trees now look way more appealing than a ski trip (which is totally understandable). If you’re looking for respite from freezing temperatures or want to relax in retirement, there’s nothing quite like booking a vacation where you can soak up the sun. Whether you fancy a book about the beach, nature, or just the benefits of a warmer climate, there are plenty of places you can top up on vitamin D with an itinerary tailored to your current wants and needs. Read on to find out the best warm weather travel destinations for seniors.

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San Juan is the perfect destination for those looking for some island time, but also want to combine it with some nature and history. The capital boasts everything from tropical rainforests and turquoise waters to a historic 16th-century Spanish colonial district. According to Viator, a global travel booking platform, “the Puerto Rican capital’s proximity to the El Yunque National Forest makes it easy to escape into the lush wilderness [and has] accessible hike to waterfalls.” If you need some time off after all that, visit one of San Juan’s many lush beaches like Laguna Grande where you can sunbathe.

Wailua Falls and green trees in Kauai, Hawaii

According to Viator, Hawaii is great for seniors because it not only has a “laid-back, laid-back” vibe, but also endless activities to do and places to explore. Filled with rich culture, white sand beaches, volcanic peaks and magnificent waterfalls, Hawaii is a breathtaking getaway where seniors will never be bored and can choose their own adventure. Whether you’re looking to indulge in traditional island cuisine or are looking for a scuba diving trip, each island has something exciting in store.

overview of the small town of Playa Hermosa

Costa Rica is the ideal destination for people of all ages, but especially for multi-generational families. “For grandparents traveling with adult children and grandchildren, there are specialized multi-bedroom units and villas that work wonderfully for larger families,” says Helene Giontsis, president of the private travel company Kensington Tours. Even better? It’s easy to travel from the United States, making Costa Rica’s breezy palms and crystal-clear water a popular year-round getaway.

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aerial view of cape

With breathtaking views, abundant wildlife and scuba diving, seniors will find an exciting escape in South Africa. “You would start your day hunting for animals early in the morning from the comfort of your 4×4 safari vehicle,” says Giontsis. “Then, during the heat of the day, you can simply relax by the pool of your luxury safari lodge while enjoying some very good gourmet meals.” Need to comfortably soak up the beauty of South Africa before you go? Find a nice view to watch the sunset.

Grand Teton National Park Wyoming
Oomka / Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a destination in the United States filled with wildlife viewing, let Wyoming spoil you. Yellowstone, in particular, is perfect for photography enthusiasts. “Naturalist guides generally consider this the best wildlife safari experience in North America, with opportunities to photograph bison, bighorn sheep and bald eagles against a mountain backdrop,” says Giontsis. It can be an enticing activity if you have limited mobility and need to be in a vehicle. Looking to explore other parts of the state? Grand Teton National Park “offers activities like fly fishing, relaxing river floats, and stargazing that are popular with adults of all ages,” Giontsis adds. No matter where you’re looking to spend your time in the state, Wyoming is beautiful year-round (though the hottest temperatures are May through September).

overview of central barcelona spain

If you are looking for a place that offers the best of both worlds, the beach and the city, Barcelona has you covered. According to Viator, “Barcelona attracts older travelers with its whimsical architecture, Mediterranean beaches and 24-hour food and drink scene.” It’s easy to be captivated by Antoni Gaudi’s work in the city, from Park Güell to the Sagrada Familia. Need a break from the historical part? Shop for local produce and artifacts at La Boqueria Market or sunbathe at Bogatelli Beach.

cruise ship parked in a port in Key West Florida

Florida is a favorite retirement location for many seniors. But for those who don’t end up living there year-round, it can be a solid destination for a break. “Key West, Florida is versatile with slow or fast activities,” says travel expert Dorothee Hudson. “From water sports to sunset cruises, seniors will find activities to suit their needs and pace.” If you’re looking to catch the sunset, be sure to visit Mallory Square Wharf. Then have Cuban food before sleeping.

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