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They arrived good news to the dispatches of Real Madrid. During this Monday. Los merengues have confirmed that through a statement posted on their web page, the past September 2 Vinicius Junior swore the Spanish Constitution, obtaining from that moment the Spanish nationality. The extreme Brazilian did it with the Spanish passport in the hours so alone to have closed the transfer market, a situation that had helped the meringues to make the desired incorporations.

And it is that after the frustrated signing of Kylian Mbappé, from the dispatches from Santiago Bernabéu set to work in search of a player who would delude himself into the inflated white. Like that then, the favorite of both the club and its coach, Carlo Ancelotti, was Gabriel Jesús. Nevertheless, the attacker does not have the European passport and the Vikings explained, at that time, with the three non-European places, by what his “landing” in the White House made “impossible”. For this reason, the footballer decided to continue his career in the Premier League, where Arsenal credited the “citizens” with 52 million euros through his record.

Now, with a free contingent, the World Cup in Qatar presents itself as a great ‘escape’ for the madridistas, those who are used to incorporating the figure of the maximum football competition into their lines. Thereby, players like Marcus Rashford and Jude Bellingham could be the Whites’ target for the winter market. The striker won the start at Manchester United, being indisputable for Erik Hag. Nevertheless, during the last summer window its possible exit was rumored, for which the whites could launch by the ariete to reinforce its attack.

On his side, the midfielder has been in the vikingos look for a long time, those who see him as the ideal replacement for Luka Modric. With a free vacancy outside the EU, the Whites could speed up his incorporation. In equal form, Lautaro Martínez was also on the merengue ‘radar’ at the time, and given the need for them to strengthen his offensive, the Argentine could add to the cast of attackers by being the centerpiece of his selection.

A North American bet

Same case as Jonathan David, the one who is the main reference in attack of the selection of Canada. The 22-year-old striker is the big “star” of Lille, with those who have scored 15 goals in 38 games during the past run. In addition, with its combined national qualification like the maximum second goleador of the eliminatory ones to the World with nine so many. To make a good paper in Qatar, the White has only to behave well with his record.

The house option

On the other hand, opting for a European alternative, madridistas could award him the last contingent to Vinicius Tobias or Reinier Jesús. The two Brazilian “pearls” are soccer players with great projection, so the club could give them a place in the first team. The side would be Dani Carvajal’s natural alternative, returning to Lucas Vázquez at his natural position on the far right. In the meantime, to show a good performance in Girona, the midfielder could earn a place in Ancelotti’s staff.


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