The supporters club event shows the optimism and enthusiasm surrounding the supporter movement


Joan Gamper Trophy day began in the morning with the supporters club party in the ice rink hall, with approximately 600 supporters club members in attendance. They took note of the supporters’ club project supported by the Board of Directors and presented by the President Joan LaportaVice-President of the Social Space, Antonio Escuderoand director responsible for the social field, Josep Ignasi Macia. The other representatives of the board of directors were vice-presidents Raphael Yuste and Edouard Romeuand director Xavier Puig.

Introducing new players

The pivotal moment of the event concerned the new players of FC Barcelona, ​​when Lewandowski, Raphina, Koundé, Christiansen, and Kessie appeared on the ice rink stage to greet members of the supporters club. The players appreciated the welcome from all the supporters and expressed their desire to do as much as possible with Barça.

President Joan Laporta welcomed everyone present and presented the state of play with FC Barcelona at the start of the season, highlighting all the club’s efforts to rekindle the enthusiasm of Barcelona fans and meet new challenges. of this season with optimism.

“We continue to work hard to make Barça a global reference again. We have worked to find solutions to reverse the difficult financial situation, control expenses, reduce the wage bill, and generate new income, such as new sponsorships which have improved the situation and the financing of the Club, which has also allowed us to build a very competitive and exciting team again”.

“Barça will always belong to its members”

To achieve this, President Laporta said the board has always had the trust of the members behind its decisions, “which allowed us to move our project forward and showed us that Barca belongs to its members. I accept this commitment, Barça will always belong to its members. It will always be yours”.

He also made a point of mentioning the operation concerning the ‘levers’, “we have decided on the operation that we consider the most beneficial for the Club. We are an independent club that can take the decisions necessary to progress and move forward, without outside interference” and he said that “everyone who said that it looked bad for our club, did not count on the strength of the Barça and the importance of the Barça brand. . We didn’t notice anything and we got to work to become a reference in world football again. The football world is watching Barca again. It was evident during the American tour which went very well. We think again that we can win and be exciting.

“We are a big family together”

Finally, the President of Barça thanked the work and support of fan clubs, and defined the movement as a worldwide reference, “a unique fact that makes you one of the strongest foundations of FC Barcelona, ​​and through this new project, we want the Club and the fan clubs to have a more direct, fluid and transparent relationship. We must keep the pen lines of the dialogue and work together in the same direction. We are a big family together”.

Once the President’s presentation was over, the day continued with a presentation by director Josep Ignasi Macià, who presented the details of the new supporters’ club project, which aims to generate and encourage like-minded groups vis -à-vis FC Barcelona, ​​and to animate, modernize and strengthen the relationship with them to create commitment and community.

Antonio Escudero completed the presentations, highlighting the figure of President Joan Laporta as “the president that Barça deserves. He loves the club, creates excitement and moves mountains to get the best possible benefits for Barca”.

The Joan Gamper Trophy race was once again host to an event where the supporters club movement was able to welcome new players and again underlined the strength and vigor of the supporters club movement, with many members of the supporters club present who showed their enthusiasm for the challenges ahead.


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