The world’s best WFH destination that nobody talks about



You have finally accepted, your eyes full of circles, the word “work” in everyday language.

So now the coast is safely cleared to review listings from, say, a UK travel site Holido which ranked the 10 best places in the world to do it from (via CNBC).

Annnnnnnnnd, it looks like a game of rotating the globe and randomly dropping a waving finger:

1. Bangkok, Thailand
2. New Delhi, India
3. Lisbon, Portugal
4. Barcelona, ​​Spain
5. Buenos Aires, Argentina (tie)
5. Budapest, Hungary (tie)
7. Bombay, India
8. Istanbul, Turkey

9. Bucharest, Romania
10. Phuket, Thailand

(A tie at number 5, really? Let’s not be too cute.)

So adorable Chattanooga, Tennessee – biggest pop in the metropolitan area. 528K – I had to enter at n ° 11, am I right or am I right?

Mmm, no, I don’t think he quite cracked the first billion. Which is so, very wrong.

On the downside, nonstop flights from New York are (temporarily?) RIP in the midst of the pandemic, so, “Why the Dickens,” you ask, “Would I endure a day’s travel? horror of 7 hours, with inevitable stops in Washington or the like, just ending up in eastern Tennessee? ”In that time, you could have been visiting Europe, Canada, West Coast, Mexico, Tropics. Just about other place in the West that is not Chattanooga.

To that we say: Stop being so asked.

Just embrace the Scenic City (yes, that’s its real nickname) as worth it. The mysterious whies are starting now.

Step 1: Don’t be homeless

You could be the newest resident of the Chattanooga metro, lucky # 528,001.
Matt McLelland

It’s not so amazing that housing costs are 82% cheaper in Chattanooga than in Manhattan, according to their handy calculator.

Zillow love. PC Mag love. MakeMyMove love, anybody.

But where / how exactly? Depends on what you want: hotel, cabin, city-style apartment, communal hostel space, treehouse. The metropolitan area has it all. The best place to start is on the Chattanooga Tourism Co. x the Chamber of Commerce website and just cut things down with a fun quiz until you find a perfect fit (not to mention job opportunities if you’re looking for a total reset).

Or, if you really want to live here for the long term, NOOGATourd would like to kindly remind you that house prices are 27.5% lower than the national average, which some surrounding towns which monopolize all the attention cannot boast.

Gig economy

An exterior shot of the Electric Power Board building.
Is Chattanooga’s internet really faster than the White House’s? The CIA? that of South Korea? Book a trip and find out, Curious George.

When your closest competition is made up of the “best barbecues and / or music in the world” contenders (Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville), you have to play the sloppy seconds God granted you.

In the case of Chattanooga, it is “the fastest Internet in the world”.

It’s a dangerous game, building your identity around something as mundane and infrastructure as broadband, but it’s better than flaunting your city’s shower pressure, I don’t know… in somehow ?

For the layman, Chatt’s mythical 10 gigabits per second speed, courtesy of the local utility colossus Power supply board (EPB to friends), is almost imperceptible. But for those who are broadcasting on Twitch, play with us and watch ‘Invincible’ in bursts – oh, and work from home too – all at once, ie the real ones, we get it.

And such an inn – a new construction with salvaged materials like its meat and bones called the Crash pad – the offer with pleasure to future thrifty workers (from $ 51 / night).

Move the needle

A healthcare professional prepares a COVID injection.
To hide or not to hide is the annoying question. Best answer: read the play, carry one in your pocket JIC, you get stinky eyes, but you probably won’t need them unless this character from Mu has other sinister plans.

Facts: When it comes to vax, Tennessee is a bit lax. But not as bad as its neighbor problem children like ‘Bama, Mississippi and Arkansas. While the state as a whole hovers around 42% A brand for the fully vaxxed, Hamilton County (the home sweet home of Chattanooga) enjoys a jabbier of 47 +% and has a very New Yorker approach to life without a mask and happy and healthy.

October holidays (and beyond)

Someone is testing Adderall in tap water because Chattanoogans are addicted to things, especially if it involves transportation.

In the 10th month only, there is the Chattanooga Auto Festival October 15-17 and the like-minded classic car Mecum auctions, from October 15 to 16.

Then, from November 8 to 10, the F3: Festival of the future of freight, celebrating the industry the city is built on, will take place in 30 different locations across the city (it’s more exciting than it should be).

Use protections

Outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the rocky, tree-lined geography of Chattanooga.
Chattanooga is the darling of outdoor lip glosses.
The Chattanooga Region Chamber of Commerce

As the Beavs go, so does the world.

Oregon State published a study suggesting that “living near protected areas can have positive effects on human well-being”.

Boom. Chattanooga is AF protected.

Working in Chattanooga means having a once metropolitan employment only (wink, wink, New Yorker), but with the added bonus of rural wilderness at your disposal. Located at the foot of the Appalachians, near state and national parks, and known for some of the most rock climbing in the country, Chattanooga has been named “Best Town of All Time” by Outside Magazine not once, but twice. .

Heal what ails you

Patrons enjoy coffee at Frothy Monkey.
Looking for discounts at the Frothy Monkey? There is a non-app for that!
Flint Chaney

Don’t you dare call it an app. Register for the Chattanooga Business / Causual Pass and the city gods will text and / or email you for discounts, news and any other wreckage and jetsam you need to know about Chatt’s co-working spaces, restaurants, aquarium, the zoo, the Sparkling monkey coffee, all the things.

The author was a guest of the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce.



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