US Clasico discussed with Real Madrid and Barcelona linked to mini ESL


Real Madrid and Barcelona could face off on American soil this summer.

The Spanish giants have reportedly teamed up with Juventus in a bid to plan a lucrative pre-season tournament, in a bid to make up for financial losses suffered during the COVID pandemic.

According to ESPNthe trio approached AC Milan to be the fourth and final team to participate in what would likely be a six-game round robin on the west coast.

A pre-season tournament in the United States between Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Milan could be seen by many as a mini European Super League.

The four clubs were part of a group of 12 who initially signed up for the controversial Super League project last year.

Real Madrid and Barcelona last faced each other at the Supercopa de Espana in Saudi Arabia

Nine of those clubs, including Milan, have publicly pulled out of the project following a furious backlash from fans and UEFA.

But Real, Barca and Juve are reportedly keen on the idea.

While Juve and Milan would likely be big attractions for New York’s large Italian community, a Clasico between Real and Barca would undoubtedly be the main event regardless of its venue.

Real have won the last five Clasicos, including a thrilling 3-2 win over Barca in the Supercopa de Espana in January.

This match also took place outside of Spain, at King Fahd Stadium in Saudi Arabia.


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