Vocdoni hosts Barcelona Football Club Fan Club Advisory Council elections


A prestigious vote was successfully conducted via Vocdoni’s Web3 digital voting infrastructure for the first time in history

[Barcelona, Spain] Vocdoni, a project to create governance solutions based on decentralized technology, announces the successful election of the Football Club Barcelona (FCB) Supporters Club to the FCB Advisory Board. Known as Penyes in Catalan, these 1,160 fan clubs spread across the globe are an integral part of FCB, and the vote successfully elected 30 representatives to the club’s governing body.

This election exemplifies FCB’s commitment to deepening democracy within its global sporting community through technological innovation. By leveraging Vocdoni’s open voting stack, FCB granted over a thousand supporter club voters access to a decentralized voting process for the first time in the club’s history.

Marta Sancho, Project Manager at Vocdoni, commented: “The Penyes movement has a rich history of fan inclusion. FCB has given voice to its supporters for over a century, and now Vocdoni is bringing this process of cooperative governance into the digital age. This vote is a huge step forward for Web3 technology, which is closing the gap with traditional markets through powerful use cases.

The voter’s user experience has been simplified with Vocdoni’s transparent, auditable and universally verifiable voting technology and platform, which is easily accessible via mobile or desktop devices. After completing two-factor authentication (2FA) via SMS, voters voted using “blind signatures” and received proof of voting code. This process ensured that every vote was counted while maintaining voter anonymity.

Vocdoni’s decentralized governance solutions have been implemented by, among others, Europe’s largest cultural association, Òmnium Cultural, the successful pilot project 14Fruites organized alongside the Catalan elections of 2021 and the first fully digital referendum in the Spanish state. The collaboration with FCB represents a major step in Vocdoni’s mission to facilitate the right of citizens to participate and influence public and private organizations with the maximum level of security and accessibility.

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