Watch: Jack Wilshere Refuses To Wear Tottenham Shirt In Fun Prank



Although he left Arsenal in 2018, Jack Wilshere remains a great Gooner and subsequently is not a big fan of their North London rivals.

In a recent appearance on talkSPORT, Wilshere attempted to set a new Guinness World Record for most soccer jerseys worn at the same time.

After donning 30 different jerseys, the 29-year-old apparently needed one more to break the record and was later given a Tottenham kit

He categorically refused to wear it and received a Wolves shirt instead. Presenter Andy Goldstein then revealed that he hasn’t set a new world record and it was all just a joke.

The clip has made Arsenal fans love Wilshere more and it’s not the first time he’s shown what he thinks of Tottenham.

While on an open-top bus tour in 2015, he grabbed a microphone and shouted to thousands of Arsenal fans below: “I have one question, and just one question: what do we think of Tottenham?” After the crowd replied, ‘Shit,’ he continued, ‘And what do we think about shit?

Wilshere then joined the crowd as the crowd sang: “We hate Tottenham and we hate Tottenham… we are Tottenham’s enemies.”

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