Why are Real Madrid wearing black and Barcelona wearing yellow shirts for El Clasico?


El Clasico is one of the most recognizable matches in world football, if not the most. There are few games that can compete with Real Madrid against Barcelona. the Superclásico, River Plate against Boca Juniors, could match the intensity of the pressure. The Manchester Derby could match the global audience size. The Champions League final might match the stakes of the game, but none of these tie all three aspects together like El Clasico.

Despite all the hype, the rivalry rarely fails. Since its existence, it has been the scene of football’s greatest rivalries. More recently: Guardiola against Mourinho; Messi versus Cristiano. It was a big enough game that even those personality clashes only added to the narrative, rather than overwhelmed it. Over the years, time and time again, El Clasico has seen seemingly impossible moments encapsulated in time.

A key aspect of the game’s historic legacy is the kits both teams sport. Whether at home or away, Real Madrid still wear their white kit and Barcelona still wear their red and blue, but that’s changing this year. As the teams take to the field on Sunday evening, they will both be wearing something different.

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Real Madrid will wear black rather than white, and Barcelona will wear yellow with red, rather than their historic red and blue. The global exposure of popular rivalry represents a business opportunity as well as a chance to make a fashion statement.

Why Real Madrid wear black for El Clasico

Real Madrid have released a kit to commemorate the club’s 120th anniversary. The all-black kit is a far cry from the white outfit they usually wear, with just white detailing on the kit as a contrast.

The kit was designed by long-time Adidas collaborator Yohji Yamamoto, who has worked on Real Madrid kits for a long time. The black kit for the outfield players will be complemented by a pink kit for the Real Madrid goalkeeper.

Why Barcelona wear yellow for El Clasico

Contrary to the norm, Barcelona will wear their third kit for their trip to Madrid. The yellow kit, with red details, bears the colors of the Senyera, the flag of the Catalan region. The decision to wear the third kit is said to be at the request of club president Joan Laporta.

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Although there’s no official line on why Barcelona wear the kit, it’s an interesting choice. For much of Spain‘s history, Barcelona have been considered an important part of Catalan culture, and the Catalan independence movement has always had strong ties to the club. On the other hand, Real Madrid have always been seen as a club with a strong Spanish identity and games between the two clubs have often taken place against the backdrop of decades of Catalan independence vying for a singular identity for the whole world. ‘Spain.

It could be that Joan Laporta makes a political statement as his team heads to Madrid, or he could just like yellow and red.


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